FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular unit extraction, which is often called FUE, is a procedure performed at Sendi Hair Loss Center in Alexandria, VA, to overcome hair loss. This procedure is minimally invasive and involves moving hair follicles from donor areas, which are genetically stronger, to thinning areas. There’s also an artistic component to help ensure that your hair looks and feels as natural as it really is.

The FUE Approach

This procedure achieves natural-looking and permanent results. No stitches are required, and the donor area returns to normal usually within days. All that’s required is a simple outpatient procedure, and due to little to no recovery required, most of our patients return to work the next day and can even enjoy dinner and a show with loved ones or friends that very same night.

Let Sendi Hair Loss Center help you determine if follicular unit extraction is the right path for you. Our location is easily accessed from throughout Alexandria and the surrounding areas, so call us today with any questions or to schedule your initial consultation.

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Female Hair Transplant And Restoration

Women's Hair Replacement in Alexandria, Virginia 22306

Are you a woman experiencing hair loss? It’s much more common than you might think. Many women experience hair loss at some point in their lives, and the effects on their self-esteem can be devastating. At Sendi Hair Loss Center , we offer women just like you the opportunity to experience a fuller, more youthful head of hair and the increased confidence that goes with it. Using state-of-the-art hair techniques, we can aim to transplant your own healthy, naturally growing hair follicles to those areas in which hair loss has occurred.

Compassionate Hair Restoration Professionals

At Sendi Hair Loss Center , we understand the emotional toll hair loss can take. Our friendly and professional staff will treat you with the utmost respect and care from the moment you enter our facility. Every member of our team is committed to excellence and wants nothing more than to restore your hair and help you look and feel your best.

Don't resign yourself to hair loss. We're here to help. Call now for more information about our female hair transplant and restoration treatment.

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Hair Regrowth in Alexandria, VA 22308

Whether some of your hair has just started to stop growing or a lot of it has been gone for a long time, Sendi Hair Loss Center has hair regrowth options for you. Located in Alexandria, VA, we offer regrowth treatments that are designed to achieve natural-looking and permanent results. We also take great pride in a client experience that’s caring and compassionate.


The Right Approach for You

Each person with hair loss responds to various treatments in a different manner. We’ll perform a thorough assessment, make our professional recommendations, and help you make the right choices for you. We’ll customize those treatments to your preferences and unique hair loss, and we’ll continue refining the approach until we realize the results you want and deserve.

Join the many others from throughout Alexandria and the surrounding areas who have a full head of hair and more confidence thanks to the team at Sendi Hair Loss Center. We offer convenient office hours and appointment flexibility Monday through Saturday, so contact us at your convenience to schedule a hair regrowth consultation.

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Hair Regrowth Treatment in Alexandria, VA

Many people who come to Sendi Hair Loss Center in Alexandria, VA, are able to achieve significant results with just a topical hair regrowth treatment or a medication taken orally. Not everyone requires transplants and more complex procedures, and we want to spread awareness that encouraging and realizing natural hair growth is a very realistic result from a range of non-invasive procedures.


Regrow Your Hair Naturally

Let us perform a comprehensive consultation. After your examination, we’ll discuss our recommendations and answer your questions. We’re often able to begin with a regrowth option and monitor how your hair responds. You may experience fast results, or the approach may require some tweaking. Sometimes this needs a process, but it’s one that we’re very good at navigating.

Sendi Hair Loss Center is here for you, and we won’t be satisfied until you’ve achieved results that give you the confidence and look you want. Call today to learn more about the hair regrowth treatment options we offer to clients from throughout the Greater Alexandria area.

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Low-Level Light Therapy in Alexandria, VA

At Sendi Hair Loss Center in Alexandria, VA, we offer a number of different light-based hair treatments that are not only cost-effective but also reliable. These treatments are a nonsurgical means of stimulating hair follicles to regrow hair and continue growing hair. Many men and women have achieved transformative and confidence-inspiring results thanks to them. The main treatment we use is NEOLTS, which is low-level light therapy.

Light-Based Treatments for Hair Loss

We offer many different treatment options because each person’s hair responds differently. Many people respond to low-level lights either through direct stimulation of the follicles or by having incisions repaired for recipient grafts. This approach in regard to stimulation can be particularly effective when revitalizing follicles that just begun miniaturization and hair loss.

Don’t deal with your hair loss another day. Let Sendi Hair Loss Center help you do something about it through low-level light hair treatments or another option. We welcome new patients from throughout Alexandria and the neighboring communities and beyond.

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Next Steps...

Call us today for a consultation. Whether it is for medical treatment of hair loss to see the options available or for a hair transplant consultation using Neograft, we can find a solution that best suits your needs. Call 703-844-0184 or press the button to get started...